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The history of the Matthew distillery

The history of J. Matthaiou & Sons, began roughly, 150 years ago, in 1861 from Ioannis Matthaiou, founder of Matthaiou Distillery. From 2019 up to today the management of the company came to the grand-grandson of Ioannis Matthaioy, Stayros, it was valorised with the byway of years for the authentic insuperable quality of our products: Ouzo, Cherry, Cognac, Liqueur (Rose, Ammaretto, Mint, Banana, Quantro, Parfait d'Amour) that we produce up to today with the himself traditional way remaining faithful and reliable in the quality.
J. Matthaiou &Sons, takes part in reports in Athens, in Thessalonica, in Europe, Africa, America and all these years has been rewarded with a big number of rewards and diplomas, which finally, was also the reason become member of committee of evaluation and himself the founder, John Matthaiou! In Mitilini, we are from older, traditional familial ouzo distilleries and our customers they are permanent and chosen. They prefer us those who know about ouzo and those who also try us, they recommend us from generation in generation for decades...

Person in charge: Melachrinos Stavros